Axi Smart Building Dispatcher is a new generation Building Management System which is “Intelligent” microprocessor based controller network installed to monitor and control a buildings technical systems and services such as air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, CCTV and others.

All climate systems can work using different set-up points based on time and weekday scheduler, outside temperature and other parameters. The main thing is all of them works as a single system under BMS control.



  • Ventilation control system. The intelligent system independently maintains the air in the building at a certain level of freshness and humidity.
  • Temperature control system. The pre-configured system automatically turns on in calendar or weather mode and maintains all temperature parameters in resource saving mode.
  • Cooling control system. The cooling system will be started depending on the season or the outside air temperature. The system is also operating in an recourse saving mode.
  • Gas and water control systems. The intellectual system controls gas and water feeding into the building. If system detects gas or water leak it sends the alarm message to operators.
  • Power supply and lighting control system is an uninterruptible power system with smart energy saving mode. This is possible due to programmable operating modes. The system automatically turns off the lights during holidays and weekends. And during working days it turns on the light where it is required.
  • The Security system control the security in the building: all cameras, access supervision and alarms.