Axi Ecology Online Viewer is automated system of  autonomous monitoring of  drains & surface waters. The system is designed for rapid monitoring and control of main physicochemical parameters of water bodies conditions: lakes, gulfs, seas including surface and industrial water runoffs (natural, domestic and industrial drains).

Axi Ecology Online Viewer helps to quickly identify water pollution and inform relevant services. From the speed of detection of pollution directly depends on the speed of their elimination and the consequences.

One of the most dangerous environmental pollution that threatens the world’s oceans today is pollution with oil and oil products.  Today the source of the most serious pollution is oil wells and platforms.


Oil pollution not only threatens marine and coastal ecosystems, but also has expanded scales. Solar energy contributes to the evaporation of oil spilled into the sea, which then returns to earth in the form of steam, rain and fog, threatening agricultural products, humans and other creatures. Based on the declared statistics, about 14 000 cases of oil leaks occur every year in the World Ocean.

For primary data acquisition in system are used Automatic autonomous hydrological stations with function of water bodies quality sensor monitoring (Hydrological station’s complex).

Hydrological station’s complex is a fully autonomous device in the form of floating beacon (buoy) that allows to conduct in an automatic mode daily measurements of the main physicochemical parameters according to the observation program, as well as hydrological parameters in the optional mode, such as level, temperature, rainfall and others.

List of measured parameters


  • suspended substances
  • hydrogen index, pH
  • dissolved oxygen
  • chloride ion
  • sodium ions
  • potassium ions
  • nitrogen ammonium & nitrate
  • chemical oxygen demand
  • petrochemicals


  • temperature
  • color index
  • transparency / turbidity
  • physical indicators
  • oxidation-reduction potential
  • electrical conductivity
  • mixed precipitation
  • rain precipitation


  • water flow in streams (reliable indicators are available only in the conditions of dams)
  • the speed of water flow (on streams)
  • water level (in water bodies)


  • chlorophyll and blue-green algae

Functions of Axi Ecology Online Viewer

Autonomous operational monitoring of the presence of pollutants, such as: petroleum products, salts and organic impurities (COD) in the aquatic environment and water supply and sanitation networks.
Notification of responsible persons who oversee water resources, as well as serving the water supply networks of the personnel about the presence of the fact of pollution of the aquatic environment with concentrations exceeding the maximum allowable concentration value of pollutants.
Registration and archiving of events of the presence, composition and excess of MPC of pollutants during the whole observation period.
Analytical processing of the obtained monitoring data to determine the source of pollution and development of proposals to prevent (reduce) the cases of discharge of pollution into the aquatic environment.